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Rose water [Gulab Jal]
The natural rose water is a genitally cleansing and toning product for all skin types. Maintain the PH balance stimulates regeneration process has a calming effect in acne and sunburns as a result the skin texture becomes even and elastic.

The rose water can be used for nutrients additives and cosmetic raw materials for skin and body care for compress in acne and skin irritation for nourishing and hydrating facial and hair masks for moisturizing the body after bath for damp bath in dry skin for friction in dry and damage hair.

The rose water use in cosmetics, beverages, cold drinks, food stuffs, tobacco, fruit flavours & soft drinks.
We have three categories as there concentration of a rosa centifolia.

Grade A :- In this grade we used 80 kg rosa centifolia flower in the process and we will get ht only 20 Lt rose water. So it is more concentrated.

Grade B :- In this grade we used 40 kg rosa centifolia flower in the process and we will get ht only 20 Llt rose water.

Grade C :- In this grade we used 40 kg rosa centifolia flower in the process and we will get ht only 40 Lt rose water. It is very dilute rose water.

Feeling of pleasure, Goodness, Makes freshness, Controls Body Temp, Strengthen Heart, Heart-beat normal, Keeps Cool eyes, Skin Healthy Multiple Role to improve Brain, liver & stomach.

Acidity, Anxiety, Thirstiness, Skin infection, Burning micturation Burning sensation of eyes, sole and palm.

Rose Petals [Gulab Ki Patti]
Rose petals can be used for Beauty in many ways: simply making a paste with some cream and applying as a mask is great for your skin, or you can make rosewater and use it as toner, after cleansing and before moisturising. You can also mix rose paszte with vaseline for a great lip beauty treatment and add rose petals to a hot bath for smooth skin.

Rose Jam [Gulkand]
Tasteful, Makes fresher, To improve Hemoglobin, Temperature controller, Blood Purifier, Stimulate the Appetite, Physical Health Multiple role to improve stomach, brain, and liver.

Anti constipation, Unconsciousness, Acidity, Tremors and palpitation, Gastritis, Burning sensation of eyes, sole and palm & body heat.

Dry Anwala
Awalaki fruit has, in fact, been used successfully to treat human scurvy. It is also effective in the treatment of awlapitta (peptic ulcer), as well as in non-ulcer dyspepsia. Dry Anwala is also used in various Ayurvedic Medicines.